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My second photographer and I drove down to Maryville MO to document Danielle and Jason’s beautiful wedding day which started out with lots of rain. We got lucky that it cleared up just a bit for us to get some photos outside. Danielle, Jason, the bridal party and their families were all so wonderful to work with. It was really fun to go around town in Maryville and around Northwest Missouri State University to get some photos. Thank You so much Danielle and Jason for choosing me to be your wedding photographer. I asked the couple to answer some questions to get to know them better and here are their answers throughout the blog.


I actually met Jason’s mother before I knew him. When I worked at the dental office that Jason’s parents attended, his mother was my patient was day. I talked to her throughout the whole appointment just like we had known each other for years. After her appointment, she called Jason to tell him that there was a girl she just met at the dentist office that he needed to meet! Jason told his mom that he could find his own girlfriend! My friend that worked at the dentist office with me said the same thing about Jason. After his mom was in the office, my friend said “hey, she has a son that is single you should look him up on Facebook.” So I did, but nothing about his Facebook was striking to me so I let it go! A couple weeks later we were each out at the bar with our group of friends. I knew a couple of the guys in his friend group because they were from my home town so my roommate was talking to the guys we knew and then Jason came over to me and asked what my name was. I told him who I was and he started laughing! In my mind, I’m thinking who the heck does this guy think he is?? So, I asked him what his name was and was not expecting to hear “Jason Guthrie.” I think my jaw hit the floor and I was kind of like “Oh crap.” We became friends on Facebook the next day and exchanged numbers shortly after, and the rest is history!


When Jason and I got engaged, I was still in Dental Hygiene school in Des Moines, IA. I was 2 1/2 hours away from Jason every week throughout a good part of our relationship. I came home every weekend to spend time with him and little did I know that one weekend I would come back to school the next week an engaged woman. It was Valentine’s Day weekend, February 12th! I didn’t think much about it being Valentine’s Day weekend because we had both decided we weren’t going get each other anything. I had a big meeting for school on that day so I didn’t get back into town until late and we were suppose to meet my parents for dinner. I was running around the house like a crazy woman trying to get ready to go and all of a sudden, I’m like where the heck is Jason? Just about that time I heard him say “Hey Danielle, come down here for a minute!” I realized he was downstairs and I said, “No, I have to get ready! What are you doing??” He finally convinced me to come downstairs and the entire way down the stairs I was getting irritated because I needed to get ready. Once, I got down there he asked me some random question about our basement and what we were going to do with it, since we hadn’t lived in our house for very long. I looked at him like why in the world are you worried about this right now?? When I looked at him, he was smiling like something was going on… then he walked over to the chair and said come here. Once I started over there, I noticed a red light in the corner of the room. I immediately said, “what is that??” He grabbed a box from behind the chair and got down on one knee, asking me to be his forever. I was in shock, like seriously is this happening?! At the same time, I was mad that he had tricked me and surprised me so much, because he knew how much I hate surprises!! The red light in the corner of the room was him recording the whole thing, so we would never forget the memory of us becoming engaged!


I had struggled big time with finding a photographer that I was extremely impressed with! I had plenty of options living in Maryville but at the same time wanted something different than everyone else was doing or had done! I finally thought I found the one that was going to be perfect for our day, made reservations to use her services and a couple weeks later she backed out on me! I struggled again for at least a month to find someone that was worthwhile! My mother-in-law works at the university here in Maryville and has student workers in her office all the time. One of her student workers had just been married and was talking about how much she loved her photographer. My mother-in-law told me about her and gave me her information! I went to Neyan’s website and started looking at her pictures and thought to myself, where in the world was his girl 3 months ago?? I immediately fell in love with her pictures and everything she was about and I hadn’t even talked to her!! I started messaging Neyan and quickly realized I had to do what it takes to get her to photograph our day! She was amazing to work with from the very beginning and made everything go so smoothly! I wouldn’t trade our experience with Neyan for anything! I would recommend her to anyone that was looking for an amazing photographer to capture their special day!


I can’t say that we have ONE memorable moment of our wedding day; because the whole entire weekend was something we will never forget! Everything was even more special than we could ever imagine it to be. From having all of our friends and family together for rehearsal dinner and being able to give them gifts and thank each and every one of them for being there for us, to the morning of the wedding day getting ready and spending time with some of the best friends we could ask for, to seeing each other for the first time in our wedding clothing. The day continued to get even better once we started seeing family show up all dressed up for OUR day, to going through the ceremony and feeling so much love for one another! From there, the day only went up even more, it was time to celebrate US and the love we had for each another. To seeing the amount of people there to help Jason and I celebrate, to the amazing food that was prepared for us, to sharing our day with Jason’s Aunt and Uncle who had been married 50 years on our wedding, to dancing the night away! So many special moments throughout the whole weekend!


f it was possible to make a wedding last multiple days, I would have done it! You put in so much hard work and planning for months and months before the big day and it seems to be over so quickly! Was it the most perfect day for us? Absolutely, but would I have loved for it to go on for 2-3 days, sure why not! That’s how much fun we had celebrating us spending the rest of our lives together! I guess that’s what a honeymoon is for huh?! :)


Your wedding day is only one day of your whole life, so everything you dreamed of having or doing on your wedding day, DO IT! Make it everything you had ever wanted and smile through the whole thing, love every minute of the adventure because it goes so so fast! 


CEREMONY: First United Methodist Church; Maryville, MO

RECEPTION: Younger’s Auction Gallery; Maryville, MO

BRIDES DRESS: Wedding Expressions by Geri; Lee’s Summit, MO

SHOES: Shannon Renee’s Formal Wear; Maryville, MO

BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES: Wedding Expressions by Geri; Lee’s Summit, MO

GROOM & GROOMSMEN TUXES: Shannon Renee’s Formal Wear; Maryville, MO

RINGS: Zales Jewelry Store; St. Joe, MO

FLOWERS: Maryville Florists; Maryville, MO

CATERING: B&G Catering; Ravenwood, MO

CAKE: Sweet Desires Bakery; Corning, IA

DJ: Tony Haist; Maryville, MO

HAIRDeb Blazek & Traci Calfee; Hair Designers; Corning, IA

MAKEUP: Casey Lemons; Maryville, MO


2ND PHOTOGRAPHER: Dustin Koopman (Thank You)



Kris Guthrie(non-registered)
We are so delighted with the photos you took on Jason and Danielle's wedding day! It was nice to know that you and Dustin had 2 cameras going at all times, in order to capture all the special moments of the day. You were so relaxed and calm, which helped all of us remain that way as well. The wedding album you created for our special gift to the newlyweds is totally amazing, and I would highly recommend to anyone to have one made to commemorate their wedding day. I wish we could relive the whole day again - but Danielle has assured me that it was too much work to go through all of it again - :) :)
You were great to work with throughout the wedding day and again with placing the order afterwards. I have already provided your name to a couple of people who will be married in the next 2 years!
Julie Rowe(non-registered)
Neyan, you did an amazing job capturing our fun day celebrating the marriage of our daughter to Jason. I'm like Danielle, I wished it could of went on for days.....so fun!!!
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